“My scars tell a story.They are a reminder of times when life tried to break me,but failed.They are markings of where the structure of my character was welded.” Steve Maraboli

Hey there, welcome or welcome back to my blog and like I promised in my first blog post, today we’re getting down to serious business. As the title suggests, I feel it’s high time we learnt to be proud of our scars,not only because it’s the only option we got(there’s no alternative I know of) but also because taking pride in them is usually the beginning of something great in our lives.

You’re probably looking at those scars you may have gotten when you were growing up as a child,and you’re wondering why you should even be proud of them. I’d like you to just snap out of the puzzlement because we won’t delve into them today,maybe another. When I say scars,I don’t literally mean those scars you got during your childhood adventures. Those ones are there for memories and they bring joy upon remembering how you got them and who you got them with. However, I’m referring to these very scars that have greatly affected you either physically(with exceptions such as the ones I’ve just mentioned above), emotionally or even psychologically. We get these scars because no one has a perfect life and nobody ever will, and like it is always said, life can never be sweet to you all through, at some point it has to turn sour.

We’re human(flesh and blood) and that alone explains why we can’t miss at least a scar. We are bound to make a lot of mistakes in life and to be honest some(mistakes) are so gross that we get scars as proof of such mistakes. Also, in many occasions we go through difficult situations and challenges in life such as death of a loved one,breakups resulting into heartbreaks, failure in life, losing all you have to a natural disaster such fire among others and all these tend to leave us deeply scarred. I’m certain there are many ways through which people get scars that I haven’t mentioned, but one thing I know for sure is that they often come about after going through something unpleasant or should I say, nasty. Some of these will scars fade away with time while others will always be there to stay for as long as you are alive.

When we look at or think about these scars, we are reminded of a past, a past that unfortunately can never be assigned to oblivion or better still rubbed away. And as long as the scars are there, there’s nothing under the sun that you can do to change the story of how the they came to be(and this is usually the most painful bit about it all). Reminiscing their origin at times is accompanied with heavy emotions such as sadness and obviously one or two drops of tears can not fail to appear. The tears are play an important role in healing and they should not barred from flowing because they relieve us of at least some pain if not all of it. Crying is some sort of therapy to the soul if so to say.

In Japan,there is an an art called Kintsukuroi also known as Kintsugi. This is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by filling the cracks with either gold, silver or platinum and gold is commonly used. The gold used to fill in the cracks creates a beautiful lining in the broken object bearing in mind the fact gold has a buttery yellow colour with a beautiful lustrous sheen. Allow me to give my two cents by saying that this Japanese art has both literal and metaphorical meaning. The literal meaning is that the gold used in repairing the broken item be it a bowl or any other pottery, makes it more beautiful, in other words it tops up the broken item’s original beauty. The metaphorical meaning on the other hand emphasizes on the fact there’s beauty in being broken and this is what is worth knowing.

The same applies to us human beings, being broken does not mean it is the end of the road for us. We are not always broken beyond repair and therefore life can and must continue. It is up to us to choose pick up our broken pieces and rebuild ourselves to become better people. Painting your scars with gold is basically wearing them proudly because they make you who you are today and hiding them does neither you nor them(your scars). They make you beautiful, if that puts it better. They are there to show how resilient you were when life tried to break you. They are you badge of honour and therefore I urge you to do whatever is within your power to be proud of them. Moreover, they will always be there to show you survived and that speaks volume.

Everything in life happens for a reason and so we should never question that. Owing to that, you should try to never; deny yourself because of what you’ve been through, blame anyone for any mistake you made in life and complain because of the hardships life may throw at you…for if you do, you will be doing a lot of injustice to yourself and eventually end up a miserable person. Accepting what has happened or is happening in your life however ugly, goes along way to help you live a better life and you even become an inspiration to others without knowing. And always know that no situation is permanent in life and however bad it is, there is always a time to bounce back.

It so happens that it is the beginning of another new month although a few days have gone by, not to forget that it is the start of the second half of the year and with what we’ve talked about, I strongly believe you can still kick-start the rest of the year with a much faster velocity reason being, you can now tackle anything life throws at you all thanks to your scars. Remember they make you a new person altogether. Learn to take pride in your scars and good luck while at it!

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Hey guys, it’s Hazel over here and I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog and to also thank you for joining me.Please feel free to make this site your second home and above all,let’s get ready to learn and also grow each other.

First things first,I’d like to introduce myself and my site since the ‘About Me’ section and my site’s tagline won’t give you all the necessary information that you need to know about me and my site.


My name is Lydia Hazel Owuor.I am 19 years old and I come from Kenya. I study Telecommunication and Information Engineering at a Kenyan University and currently I’m in my first year of study. I love poetry and listening to music.I’m not a great fan of games and sports and so I don’t take part in any of them at the moment but with time I’m looking forward to engaging in either of them and if all goes well both.However,I love watching football matches.When it comes to things to do with the physical me,words won’t perfectly describe that side of me(What I’m absolutely sure about is that I’ve got a light complexion and blessed with a height of 5 feet and 2inches) and since I wouldn’t like to be that strange lady behind the keyboard,below are two of my photos which will do me a great favour by speaking on my behalf.

I bet that’s enough information about me for a start,the rest you’ll get to know as we progress in this journey.Besides,this blog ain’t about me but rather what I have to offer and I won’t mind dwelling majorly on that.


For two years now,I’ve come to the realization that I’ve got a lot of great potential in me that hasn’t been unlocked yet and this has opened my inners eyes to clearly see that I haven’t been living my life purposefully and if I have then I haven’t been living it completely.I’m just left feeling I haven’t given it my all and that’s why I created this blog to help me live this life of mine the way it ought to be lived.In case you’re wondering what are some of the things I realized about myself,I’m so willing to let you know although with time but the most important one is that I came to know that I’ve got some power in me to make an impact in someone’s life reason being,I’ve advised a good number of people in my life and on heeding the advices,I’ve noticed remarkable changes in them which to me,shouldn’t be taken for granted and this is what I’m going to fully focus on in this blog.I mean there’s nothing as fulfilling as seeing someone make it to some heights they themselves never thought they could, with your help and for your information that’s what I’m after;impacting lives and positively at that.

The day I created this blog,I chose Personal development as a topic to major on and while doing my research I loved what Wikipedia says about it,which is,personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity,develop talents and potential,build human capital and facilitate employability,enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Such a long definition but trust me,we all need this.The picture below explains personal development in a much easier way.

Got a lot of questions crisscrossing your mind about this blog?Worry not I’ll answer as many of them as I can.

1.Why personal development?

I chose this topic because there are many blogs out there which focus on beauty and fashion,lifestyle,hair and many others which give us tips on how to add flavour to life and I won’t lie I’m a lover of such blogs but we often forget that besides these,there’s life that needs to be lived and lived to the fullest and I believe this is where personal development comes in,as an aid to live life better since it’s unpredictable,never stagnant,name it all.

2.Who is this blog meant for?

At the beginning I strongly felt that this blog will be meant for young people since it’s us(young people) who face challenges without number especially when it comes to making life choices such as a choosing a promising career,good friends and even a life partner.However,it later hit me that all of us are students in this school called life and as such the learning never stops.In other words,this blog is meant for everyone who’s ready to learn regardless of age.

3.Why does this blog have credibility?

When reading this blog for the very first time,one might think that I’m this individual who has made it in life in almost every aspect but that’s not the case because just like you,I’m still a learning but I love to share things as I discover them.

4.Why should you read my blog posts?

If you’re someone who,like me,feels you’re not living your life completely or you just need some hints and important insights to living a better life then you’re in the right place.Feel at home!

5.What will you get out of reading my posts?

In my defence,I’m not a professional life coach but I believe that when you consistently read my posts you’ll be in a better direction to living a complete and fulfilled life.

6.Any goals or ambitions?

With this blog,I hope I can reach as many people as possible and with time consider expanding my reach into another channel like YouTube thus having a larger audience.

Those are some of the questions I thought you would have liked me to answer and if there’s any I’ve left out please feel free to comment down below and I sure will get back to you.

That is that for my first blog post and come the next one it will serious business.I’ll be doing my best to post as often as I can so please keep coming back for more and let’s walk this journey together.

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